Shatter The Silence/A Life Given To Me
Catherine Mellen

Shatter The Silence/A Life Given To Me

Catherine Mellen

Welcome to Shatter The Silence/A Life Given To Me

I Blog Daily as I detail what it was like growing up as a Statistic in a World Full Of Abused Children

In-depth look into Childhood Trauma & Family Secrets

I had a Horrible Childhood,  Tough Teens, Confusing 20s, Struggling 30s & a Bunch of WTF 40s... And This is My Story... 

Though It was Promised way back in 1987... The Promise was covered well Beyond Heaven ♡

 I am an Author of a 2 part Memoir,  Over 150 Poetry & Poems, Understanding Childhood Trauma, Living Beyond The Repressed  Memories,  A Horrifying Reality..... All Written by the Girl who Grew Up too Shatter her Silence ♡

My Blog & Your Support All Come Free ♡

Be the Support I Needed Then & Still Do Now ⚘ 

Thank You in Advance ♡

Topics in my Blog ⚘

Catch up on A Life Given To Me as I Shatter the Silence on Childhood Trauma and Family Secrets!! 

Ch1 Shatter the Silence 1975-1977

Ch2 A Childhood Tragedy Under A Mother's Watch 1977-1981

Ch3 A Bit Of Confusion 1981-1985

Ch4 A Teenage Promise & A Road Unknown 1985-1993

Ch5 A Life Given To Me 1993-2001

Ch6 Moving On & Moving Forward.... On A Path Called Life  2001-2015

Ch7... A Search For Answers & The Horrifying Reality/ Understanding Childhood Trauma... Do You Understand It Now?   

Also be sure to Check Out...

My Poetry ( More just added) over 130+ poems I will be adding periodically!! 

Beyond The Repressed Memories... as I blog about my Repressed Memories and the Horrifying journey they took me on & led me too!! 

The Journey Along The Way... as I blog about the many Aspects associated with being a Statistic in a World Full of Abused Children! 

I Distanced Myself To Save Myself... as I blog about Why... Sometimes it's OK to Distance Yourself!

A Promise Made A Promise Kept... Detailing a friends promise through the beautiful words of Poetry! 

Christmas In Poetry Land... A sneak peek into my 2020 Christmas Poetry Book!

Or The Message From Your Host Section... That's Me, your Host & Friend, Catherine Mellen ♡ 

Peace and Blessings To All♡

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