Shatter The Silence/A Life Given To Me
Shatter The Silence/A Life Given To Me
Catherine Mellen

Welcome to Shatter The Silence/A Life Given To Me

Read about my life but don't have any pity... I am a strong Irishgirl from an all American city ☘

In-depth look into childhood trauma and family secrets

I had a horrible childhood, tough teens, confusing twenties, struggling thirties, a bunch of, 'wtf,' forties.. And this is my true life story... 

Though It was promised way back in 1987... The promise was covered well beyond heaven ♡

 I am an author, poet, writer and blogger.  I have shattered my silence on childhood trauma and family secrets

My blog, your support and praise all come free ♡

Be the support I needed then and still do now ⚘ 

Thank You in Advance ♡

Topics in my Blog ⚘

Catch up on a life given to me as I shatter my silence on childhood trauma and family secrets.

A briefing of my two part memoir...

A Childhood Tragedy Under A Mother's Watch 1975-1982

A Life Given To Me 1982-2019

Also be sure to check out...

Punished and Abused: When Repressed Memories Speak 

My poetry ( More just added) over 150+ poems I will be adding periodically.

Beyond the repressed memories... as I write about my repressed memories and the horrifying journey they took me on and led me to.

The journey along the way... detailing the many aspects associated with being a statistic in a world full of abused children.

I distanced myself to save myself... as I write about why sometimes it's ok to distance yourself.

A promise made a promise kept... a briefing of my promise to a friend through the beautiful words of poetry.

Christmas in Poetry Land... A sneak peek into my  Christmas poetry book.

33 cases of karma... Sharing my comical side with a few of my 33 short stories of when karma strikes back. 

My silent truths... Sharing some of my illustrated quotes.

Or the message from your host section... That's me, your host and friend, Catherine Mellen ♡ 

Peace and Blessings to all♡

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